e-Certified® is a designation created to identify Prudential Real Estate sales professionals proficient in the use of Internet technology.

This designation is available exclusively to Prudential Real Estate agents.

 e-Certified® sales professionals are: 

  • Web enabled
  • E-mail competent
  • Internet and Intranet ready
  • Technologically fluent

The eCertified® designation gives you a competitive advantage, distinguishing you from the many competing voices on the Internet, and assuring customers they are working with a professional knowledgeable in the use of technology.

An e-Certified® testimonial:

“Being e-Certified® is extremely important. It gives me an advantage over those who don’t have the designation. It also adds credibility with my high-tech customers.

The e-Certified® designation has significantly increased my gross commisions and profitability and simultaneously has lowered my overhead. I have about 1,000 customers on my email marketing list, and I can email all of them with one click. It doesn't take any time and it costs me virtually nothing.

In short, Prudential’s e-Certified® program helped make me “e-fluent,” and e-fluent means affluent in today's New Market economy."

Rob Levy, Prudential Northwest Properties, West Portland Branch

~The first Prudential Real Estate agent in the world to be e-Certified®