What will our Relocation Department do for you when you have outgoing referrals?  

  • Act as your own personal assistant for referral management
  • Provide a single point of contact for you and your referral clients
  • Handle the placement and follow-up of your outgoing referrals
  • Make sure you receive your referral check after the transaction closes

What happens after you submit an outgoing referral to Relocation?

Once you submit your referral worksheet, your Referral Coordinator will place the referral for you. The more information you provide the counselor, the faster the client is assisted.

You and your Referral Coordinator will receive a confirmation of placement from the destination broker, including the assigned sales associate's name and phone number.

The Referral Coordinator will call the destination broker 5-7 days after placement to confirm that the assigned sales associate has contacted the client and they have received a relocation package. You should also contact the client to confirm their satisfaction level, and then report this to the counselor.

Thereafter, the Referral Coordinator will call the destination broker every 30-45 days until close of escrow.

When the referral goes into escrow, you will be notified. 

In the meantime, your Referral Coordinator will follow-up to make sure that your referral fee is paid once all terms are fulfilled.