PREA Center is your first point of contact with The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. It’s your online business center for real-time access to resources that can help you be more effective and efficient. 

With its constantly evolving enhancements, PREA Center will:

Provide you with 24/7 access to tools, tips, and techniques to help you be successful: 

  • Phenomenal, downloadable sales and marketing tools
  • Artwork, graphics and logos
  • Product and service updates
  • Interaction with your peers throughout North America

Help you get the tools and information you want and need; for example, you can: 

  • Customize your interface to create “My PREA Center,” which focuses on the issues and items you find most useful
  • Select informative email broadcasts by topic
  • Follow direct links to affiliated partners and suppliers

Keep you up to date with what it going on within the PREA Network: 

  • News from Prudential Real Estate and the real estate industry
  • Events that will help you increase your productivity and profitability
  • Provide technology updates
  • Personal development opportunities through Prudential University

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