One call to a Home Services Coordinator gives you a tremendous listing advantage over your competition.

Picture this… you’re heading out to a listing appointment at the same time your Home Services Coordinator (HSC) is calling the prospective client.

Their conversation goes something like this…

“Hi, Mrs. Jones. My name is Jennifer; I’m calling from Prudential Northwest Properties.

Alice Agent asked me to give you a call to tell you about some of the services that will be available to you when you list your home for sale with Alice.

We have recently partnered with over 85 local vendors to provide services to our customers that are often needed before, during and after the buying process. I’ll act as your Home Services Coordinator, and I’ll work with Alice to handle such things as recommending carpet cleaners, general contractors, moving companies… really, anything you need.

Alice’s goal is to provide you with a solution for all of your Home Service needs. Many of our vendors provide discounts to our customers as well. However, the best part of our service is that you just call me when there is something you need, and I do all the legwork for you…”

Your clients understand they will be getting top-notch service and you are free to stay focused on the transaction details.

At Prudential Northwest Properties, we stand committed to supporting our sales professionals... today, and in the years to come. That`s why we offer programs like Home Services that keep you in the center of each transaction and help create customers for life.